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Dedication to Hermes by ephebes (Piraeus)

IG II3 4 357 Date: 196/5 BC and ca. 130 BC
Face A (front)
Those who were ephebes[1] in the archonship of Tychandros (196/5) (dedicated this) to Hermes[2]
Kimon son of Kimon of Aphidna Xenokrates son of Artemidoros of Eleusis Athenion son of Biottos of Perithoidai (5) Xenon son of Xenokles of Kropidai Nikokrates son of Zoïlos of Phlya Phanostratos son of Nikomachos of Trikorynthos Eukrates son of Eukrates of Euonymon under the physical trainership (paidotribountos) of Dorotheos of Hybadai.
Face B (back)
Those who were ephebes in the archonship of De- (dedicated this)[3] to Hermes Xenophilos son of Xenophilos of – Agathokles son of Agathokles of – (5) Meniskos son of Therson of Semachidai Boulos son of Boulos of Lousia under the physical trainership (paidotribountos) of Mikylios of Kopros.