Origins, funding and future development of AIO

This website was created by Stephen Lambert and launched in 2012 with translations of the 281 inscribed laws and decrees of Athens dating to 352/1-322/1 BC (IG II3 1, 292-572). Gradually, more translations are being added, together with more information about the inscriptions, explanatory notes, and supporting academic papers (AIO Papers). We aim to release new material ca. 4 times a year. In March 2017 the number of translations on the site exceeded 1000. Our aim is eventually to include all the inscriptions of Athens and Attica, over 20,000 in total, but giving priority to new IG volumes, major texts, and inscriptions or groups of inscriptions which are particularly useful for research and teaching. At the same time the design of the site is continuously being developed. In 2015/6 this included integration of AIO with other online resources - Greek texts, images, mapping (Pleiades) and persons databases (LGPN, initial steps) - in collaboration with international partners in project TIGLIO. "The Publication of Attic Inscriptions: Problems, Priorities and Prospects" presented an overview of the AIO project on 31 October 2015 (available via

We are delighted to acknowledge financial support from Cardiff University's School of History, Archaeology and Religion; the Department of History and Art History of Utrecht University; the Humboldt Foundation; and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. AIO is affiliated to the Europeana Eagle Project.

We would also like to acknowledge the important contribution made to AIO by the excellent libraries of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (in 2012/3), the Institute of Classical Studies, London, the British School at Athens, the Seminar für Alte Geschichte of the University of Heidelberg and the University of Amsterdam.

From October 2017 AIO is undertaking the systematic re-publication of all the Attic inscriptions in UK collections, in the context of an AHRC-funded research project, Attic Inscriptions in UK Collections (AIUK).

For the video of a lecture about Attic Inscriptions Online delivered by Stephen Lambert at the British School at Athens on Monday 5 March 2018 see The BSA Youtube channel.