Search results can be sorted by relevance, date, or translation source using the drop down menu below the search box. Results are sorted by relevance by default.

A search for the military fund (without quotation marks) will return all inscriptions that have the words "military" and "fund" in them at any point in the inscription or notes. A search for "the military fund" (with quotation marks) will return only those inscriptions where those words appear in that exact sequence.

Searches ignore brackets within a word. So e.g. a search for "thirteenth" will find "[thir?]teenth".

If searching for transliterated Greek in the translations, please use the following key:


Searches are sensitive to macrons, so e.g. a search for "proedron" will not find "proedrōn" and vice versa. Please note, that transliterations reproduce original alphabetic features, orthography and inflections.

It is also possible to search the Greek texts that are hosted on AIO by entering Greek text in the search boxes. Searches are sensitive to accents and breathings, so "αρχοντος" will not find "ἄρχοντος". The search does not include Greek texts hosted on external sites, such as PHI and IG Online.

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