Dedication to Hermes by ephebes (Piraeus)

IG II3 4 360 Date: 104/3 BC and ca. 150-110 BC
Face A (front)
The ephebe in the archonship of Herakleides (104/3) (dedicated this) to Hermes[1] Xenon son of Theodosios of Elaious
uninscribed space
Under the physical trainership (paidotribountos) of Neon of Aphidna.[2]
Face B (TOP)
[[Parmeniskos son of Theogenes of Phegous Mimnokles son of So[nautes?] of Eleusis Zopyr- son of – of – (dedicated this) to Hermes (5) under the physical trainership of –]] of Kolonos.[3]