Dedication to Hermes by ephebes (Piraeus)

IG II3 4 363 Date: 111/0 BC
Those who were ephebes in the archonship of Sosikrates (111/0) (dedicated this) to Hermes[1] Diogenes son of Dionysios of Amphitrope Aischrion son of Parmon of Oe (5) Apelles son of Apollodoros of Kephisia Aischylos son of Chares of Paiania Asklepiades son of Athenodotos of Oinoe Metrodoros son of Metrodoros of Myrrhinous Phanias son of Lysikleides of Hybadai (10) Sotas son of Kreon of Marathon Neandros son of Sotades of Oe Thrason son of Euarchides of Kikynna
Under the physical trainership (paidotribountos) of Neon of Aphidna.[2]