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Csapo and Wilson II, 115-17 Date: early 4th cent. BC
seat of honour (proedrian) ... dedicated ... the first ... of himself or Autokles ...

Decree of Marathonian Tetrapolis honouring their archon, Charidemos of Probalinthos

AIO 2618 Date: ca. mid-4th cent. BC
... have a seat of honour (proedrian); (20)and to inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the Dionysion.

Decrees of the deme Piraeus about the lease of the deme theatre, 324/3 BC

AIUK 4.3A (BM, Decrees of Other Bodies) no. 1 Date: 324/3 BC
... given a seat of honour (proedrian); those who buy the lease of the theatre shall be notified of these; and there shall also be a seat of honour for...

Decree of the deme Piraeus honouring Kallidamas of Cholleidai

AIUK 4.3A (BM, Decrees of Other Bodies) no. 3 Date: ca. 335-315 BC ?
... have a seat of honour (proedrian) in the (20) theatre, whenever the Piraeans hold the Dionysia, where it is allocated to the Piraeans themselves, ...

Honorific decree of deme Anagyrous?

IG II2 1210 Date: 325-300 BC?
... have a seat of honour (proedrian) at the competition in tragedy (5)whenever they celebrate the Dionysia and the demarch shall invite him to his s...

Decree of Eleusis honouring the demarch

I Eleusis 101 Date: ca. 320-290 BC
... priesthood and the grant of proedria in the theatre of Dionysos at Eleusis said here to have been awarded to our honorand’s “ancestors” (on hereditar...
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Decree of Sphettos honouring a benefactor

Csapo and Wilson II, 247-52 Date: ca. 350-300 BC
... the honorand was apparently awarded proedria. That the deme celebrated the quintessential deme festival, the Rural Dionysia, is confirmed by the disc...
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Decree of Eleusis honouring the hierophant, Hierokleides

I Eleusis 72 Date: ca. 340 BC (?)
... ex officio, among them perhaps proedria in the deme theatre (for this type of declaration of “validity” of earlier awards cf. e.g. IG II3 1, 316, ll....
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Honours for Asandros of Macedon, 314/3 BC

AIUK 2 (BSA) no. 1 Date: 314/3 BC
... 131), a seat of honour (proedria) and exemption from liturgies (Isai. 5.47; Dem. 20.127-130, 159). The first statues since Harmodios and Aristogeiton...
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Honours for Euagoras of Salamis, 394/3 BC

AIUK 4.2 (BM, Decrees of Council and Assembly) no. 7 Date: 394/3 BC
... cf. IG I3 131) and proedria (seat of honour) in the theatre (the next inscribed example is AIUK 2 no. 1, for Asandros of Macedon, in 314/3 BC). Ll. 1...
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Dedication to Dionysos from Euonymon

IG II3 4 968 Date: ca. 330-300 BC
... for a seat of honour (proedria), Csapo and Wilson II, 115-17, dated to the early fourth century BC may (uncertainly) have been dedicated by one of hi...
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Decree of Euonymon honouring an official

AIO 2551 Date: Late 4th cent. BC
... him a seat of honour (proedrian) at the competition (agoni) ... ... and to inscribe this decree ... ... -ras- ... (15) ... and stand it ... ... ....

Decree about permanent dining rights (sitesis) in the city hall (prytaneion)

AIO 1137 Date: 429-424 BC?
... privileged seating in the theatre (proedria) to Kleon for his success at Pylos (Knights 702) would be unclear. For another discussion of the date of the decree, urging acceptance of a w...
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Decree of Halimous honouring Charisandros

SEG 2.7 Date: ca. 330 BC
... In addition to stone seats (proedria), a likely choregic base was found and a base inscribed with crowns on three sides (i.e. most likely commemorating the award of honours), car...
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Honours for Marcus Ulpius Eubiotos and sons

SEG 30.82 Date: ca. 230 AD
... festivals (paneguresin), and priority seating (proedrian) shall be assigned to him at these games, and a throne for the priority seating given to him and his sons shall be placed in ...

Honours for Kallias of Sphettos

IG II3 1 911 Date: 270/69 BC
... have a front row seat (proedrian) at all the competitions that the city puts on, and the director of works (architektona) elected for relig...

Decree honouring Lykourgos of Boutadai

AIO 871 Date: 307/6 BC
... seat of honour at festivals, proedria, for a foreigner is IG II2 450 in 314/3 for Asandros of Macedon (not inscribed at public expense; Asandros was probably also an honorary Athe...
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Dedication of a statue to Dionysos (and Apollo?) at Ikarion

Csapo and Wilson II, 145-48 Date: ca. 525 BC
... number of marble thrones for proedria), 145-82 (editions of 11 inscriptions and one uninscribed relief). A briefer survey, and discussion of prosopography, is provided by Humphrey...
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Seat of the priest of Artemis Kolainis in the theatre of Dionysos at Athens

IG II3 4 1907 Date: ca. 2nd cent. AD (II) / ca. 3rd cent. AD (III)
... for priests and other dignitaries, proedria, in this theatre see IG II3 4, 1938). This marble "throne" was engraved on three different occasions: inscription I was erased and is now com...
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Decree of Kerykes and Eumolpidai honouring the hierophant, Chairetios of Eleusis

I Eleusis 201 Date: 229/8-203 BC
... enjoyed a seat of honour (proedria) in the theatre, cf. I Eleusis 72.
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Decree of Myrrhinous honouring Pheidippos

IG II2 1182 Date: ca. 330-320 BC (?)
... ... seat of honour (proedrian) at all the performances (theais) that the Myrrhinousians put on; and he shall be permitted, (5) on taking care ...

Honours for Kephisodoros

IG II3 1 1292 Date: 200/199 BC or 184/3 BC
... seat of honour at festivals (proedria). On the earlier history of such awards see RO 11.
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Decree of Halai Araphenides honouring choregoi, 341/0 BC

SEG 46.153 Date: 341/0 BC
... have a seat of honour (proedrian) in the competitions and the demarch in office shall invite them to their seat of honour; (15) and the demarch ...

Seat of the priest of Apollo Zoster in the theatre of Dionysos at Athens

IG II3 4 1938 Date: 2nd cent. AD
... for priests and other dignitaries (proedria). Many of the marble "thrones" survive (in some cases two or more adjoining seats were made from the same block of marble) and were inscribed...
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Decree of Aixone honouring officials (syndikoi?)

IG II2 1197 + Add. p. 672 Date: ca. 350-325 BC
... to their seat of honour (proedrian), and they shall have all the same grants as have been given in accordance with the laws to the legal representat...

Choregic dedication from Eleusis commemorating victorious performances directed by Aristophanes and Sophocles

I Eleusis 53 Date: 414/3-386/5 BC
... of honour in the theatre (proedria) to officials and benefactors (I Eleusis 68?, 70, 71, 72, 80, 84, 96, 99, 101); announced honours at the Dionysia at the tragedies (I Eleusis...
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Honours for Phaidros of Sphettos

IG II3 1 985 Date: 259/8 BC(?)
... in perpetuity (cf. AIO 1137); proedria, reserved seats in the theatre (cf. IG II3 4, 1938); and a portrait statue. On this set of honours, see AIUK 4.2 no. 7 and AIUK 2 no. 1 with ...
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Choregic dedication on a throne from Rhamnous

IG II3 4 514 Date: ca. 325-300 BC
... thrones used for preferential seating (proedria) in the theatre at Rhamnous. Only the final throne has ever been seen (and is long-since lost) and was inscribed with the text given in "col....
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