Decrees of the deme Piraeus about the lease of the deme theatre, 324/3 BC

AIUK 4.3A (BM, Decrees of Other Bodies) no. 1 Date: 324/3 BC
Fragments a, b, c . . . [1] . . . stage-building . . . if they wish for anything for the construction; and it shall be possible for them to use stones and earth from the precinct of Dionysos; and when they (5) depart, they shall [hand over] everything upright and standing; and if they – anything to or at the stage-building he shall depart, taking with him tiling and wood . . . ; and the term of the lease begins in the archonship of Hegesias (324/3 BC); and the demesmen (10) shall pay for theatre seats[2] except those to whom the demesmen have given a seat of honour (proedrian); those who buy the lease of the theatre shall be notified of these; and there shall also be a seat of honour for the demarch and . . . and the herald (15) and anyone else to whom the demesmen have given a seat of honour;[3] and as many . . . . . .
Ca. 10 lines missing
Fragment d . . . . . . provide the viewing area of the theatre fitted with wooden benches (20) in the traditional way;[4] and if they do not adhere to the agreement concerning the theatre, the Piraeans shall carry out any necessary construction work, but the expenses shall be met by the buyers of the lease; and when they hand over the theatre the Piraeans shall choose three men from the Piraeans as inspectors (epitimētas); (25) and the demarch and the treasurers shall inscribe a copy of the agreement on a stone stele and stand it in the agora of the demesmen;[5] and they shall add to it the name of the person with whom the agreement is deposited. Buyers: Aristophanes son of Smikythos: 600 dr.; Melesias son of Aristokrates: 1100 dr. (30) Arethousios son of Aristoleos of Pelekes: 500 dr.; Oinophon son of Euphiletos of Piraeus: 1100 dr.[6] Kalliades proposed: the Piraeans shall decide: since Theaios displays honour-loving behaviour (philotimeitai) towards the demesmen both now and in time past and ensured that three hundred drachmas extra (35) was obtained for the theatre,[7] to crown him with a foliage crown for his excellence and justice towards the demesmen; and to crown also the buyers of the theatre lease Aristophanes of Piraeus, Melesias of Lamptrai, Oinophon of Piraeus, Arethousios of Pelekes.[8]