Lease of public land by the deme Piraeus, 321/0 or 318/7 BC

AIUK 4.3A (BM, Decrees of Other Bodies) no. 2 Date: 321/0 or 318/7 BC
In the archonship of Archippos (321/0 or 318/7), the demarchy of Phrynion. On these terms the Piraeans lease out the Paralia and Halmyris and the Theseion and all the other precincts: those leasing for over 10 drachmas shall take out security (apotimēma) (5) to the value of their lease, those (leasing) for under 10 drachmas shall furnish a guarantor who will put up his own property as security for the lease. On these terms they lease exempt from assessments and tax-free; and if any property-based tax (eisphora) is levied on the value of the estates, the demesmen shall pay it; and it shall not be permitted to the lessees to remove the mud and the earth (10) either from the Theseion or from the other precincts, nor to take the brushwood elsewhere than on the estate; the lessees of the Thesmophorion and the (estate) of Schoinous and the other pastures shall pay the rent, half in Hekatombaion, half in Posideon; (15) the lessees of Paralia and Halmyris and the Theseion and of other places, whatever they may be, as far as is possible and normal practice for them to be worked, they will work them as follows: for nine years as they wish, and in the tenth year they shall cultivate half and no more, so that it may be possible (20) for the subsequent lessee to plough up from the sixteenth of Anthesterion; and if he cultivates more than half the excess harvest will belong to the demesmen; (the lessee) will take over the house in Halmyris roofed and in good repair [and will return it in the same condition] . . . good repair . . . [1]