Decree of Eleusis honouring the hierophant, Hierokleides

I Eleusis 72 Date: ca. 340 BC (?)
Crown Gods.[1] Euthias son of Gnathon (?) of Eleusis proposed: since the hierophant Hirerokleides son of Teisamenos of Paiania (5) is a good man to the deme of Eleusis, continuously both saying and doing what good he can, both now and in former times, the Eleusinians shall decide, (10) that the decrees which the deme Eleusis has voted for the hierophant be valid;[2] so that others may also know that the demesmen of Eleusis know how (15) to give thanks to those who benefit it, to praise the hierophant, Hierokleides son of Teisamenos of Paiania, and crown him with a gold crown of 500 drachmas (20) for his [piety?] concerning the [rites?] and his love of honour towards the deme of Eleusis; and the demarch shall announce at the Dionysia in the tragedies that (25) the deme Eleusis crowns the hierophant for his [piety?] concerning the [rites?] and love of honour towards the deme Eleusis; and he and his descendants shall be free of taxes (30) . . . of the demesmen;[3] the demarch shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it [in the theatre?] of Eleusis.