Decree of Kerykes and Eumolpidai honouring the hierophant, Chairetios of Eleusis

I Eleusis 201 Date: 229/8-203 BC
Gods. Thrasyphon son of Hierokleides of Xypete proposed: since Chairetios the hierophant continues to be well-disposed to the genos, both that of the Kerykes and the Eumolpidai, (5) and says and does what good he can on their behalf, and continues to prepare the announcement with good-will for those travelling abroad for the conveyance of the truce (spondophorias), and conducts himself decorously (euschēmonōs) also in the office of hierophant, (10) behaving unimpeachably; so therefore that the genē may be seen to honour those who are well-disposed to and worthy of themselves, for good fortune, the Kerykes and Eumolpidai shall decide, to praise the hierophant Chairetios son of Prophetes (15) of Eleusis and crown him with a myrtle crown, which is traditional for those who continuously show good-will towards the genē; and to announce this crown at the traditional competition at Eleusis in the theatre; and the archons (20) in office from both genē shall take care of the announcement of the crown; and to inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in Eleusis in the courtyard of the sanctuary; and the archons of the genē shall take care (25)of the making and dedication of the stele.[1]
in myrtle crown The Kerykes and Eumolpidai (crown) the hierophant Chairetios (30) of Eleusis.