Catalogue of ephebes, 61/2 AD

IG II2 1990 Date: 61/2 AD
In pediment For the good fortune of the victory of ⟦[Nero]⟧ Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (54-68)[1]
In the archonship and priesthood of Drusus the consul of Thrasyllos (61/2),[2] when Theogenes was herald,[3] and when the hoplite general for the eighth time, high priest of Nero Claudius Caesar Germanicus and Zeus of Freedom (Eleutheriou) of the Greeks, manager (epimelētou) of the city for life, priest of Delian Apollo, (5) manager of holy Delos, High Priest of the House of the Augusti (oikou tōn Sebastōn), the best of the Greeks (aristou tōn Hellēnōn), and lawgiver (nomothetou) was Tiberius Claudius Novius of Oion.[4] As superintendent (kosmēteuōn), Epiktetos son of Epiktetos of Eupyridai, having been honoured by the People for the beautiful (kalōs) and decorous (kosmiōs) manner in which he both lives his own life and directed the conduct (anastrophēs) and decorousness (kosmiotētos) of the ephebes, and having received from the People dining rights (seitēsin) in the City Hall (prutaneiō) for life, submitted these ephebes to the Metroon,[5] (10) the trainer being (paidotribountos) Ariston son of Aphrodisios of Rhamnous, the leader being (hēgemoneuontos) Artemon son of Nikias of Pallene, the secretary being Areion son of Patrophilos of Kephisia, the weapons trainer being (hoplomachountos) Satyros son of Kleomenes of Phlya; the tutors (paideutai) were Erastos of Besa, Eutychides of Marathon, Euphemos of Sypalettos, Gaios of Azenia, Demetrios of Sybridai, Zoilos of Phlya.[6]
uninscribed space These were the gymnasiarchs:[7] (15) Z- son of Epiktetos of Eupyridai, Patrophilos son of Areion of Kephisia. These also were partners (sustatai) . . . son of . . . of Erchia, Demosthenes son of Satyros of Phlya, Olympos son of Soterichos of Hagnous . . . son of . . . of Gargettos, Sokrates son of Sokrates of Aphidna, Tiberius Herakleon of Oion, . . . son of . . . of Melite, Zoilos son of Thraseos of Aphidna. These were Areopagites with the gymnasiarchs,[8] (20) the trainer being Ariston son of Aphrodisios of Rhamnous uninscribed space . . . Aristonymos son of Aristonymos of Oe, Epagathos son of Euporos of Oe . . . Demokrates son of Erastos of Besa, Eisidotos (son of Eisidotos) of Berenikidai . . . Aphrodeisios (son of Aphrodeisios) of Eupyridai, Zenon son of Dionysios of Potamos, . . . Anthesterios son of Menodotos of Steiria, Philemon son of Kallistratos of Erchia (25) . . . son of Chares of Lamptrai, Dionysios (son of Dionysios) of Kydathenaion, . . . (son of . . . ) of Halai, Aphrodeisios son of Gaios of Azenia, . . . -demos son of Agathokles of Hestiaia, Nikomachos . . . Limnaios son of Mystikos of Oe, . . . son of -des of Marathon