Herm of Aurelius Apphianos

AIUK 11 (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) no. 16 Date: 234/5 AD
The Council of the Areopagos having decreed it,[1] the college of magistrates of the Diogeneion (hoi peri to Diogeneion sunarchontes) (5) (erected this for) the son of the superintendent, Aurelius (kosmētou) Apphianos son of Chrestos of Marathon, on account of his excellence (aretēs).[2]
(10) Who I am and whose son I am, the letters on the front declare, but about my fate, the entire host sheds tears, since I had not yet (15) placed the cloak (chlainan) around my neck, when I departed from life, in most holy revel (kōmō).[3]