Herm of Polydeukion dedicated by Herodes Atticus

AIUK 11 (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) no. 15 Date: ca. 157/8 AD
Face A (front)
Hero Polydeukion, at this crossroads, once, I used to wander with you.[1]
(5) In the name of the gods and heroes,[2] whoever you are who owns this land, never remove any of these things. And anyone who pulls down or removes (10) these statues’ images and honours, for them the land shall not bear fruit, and the sea shall not be navigable, and they and their family (15) shall die terribly. uninscribed space But whoever protects them on the land, and honours the customary things, and continues to augment them, for him there will be many good things, (20) for himself and his descendants. Do not wreck, nor mistreat in any way, nor knock over, nor break up, nor obscure the shape and (25) form. And if anyone acts thus, the same curse (ara) upon them too.
Face B (right)
But let the upper parts of the statues (30) be undamaged, uncorrupted, and the lower parts, (and) the bases, as they were made. And in addition to the the primary actor or actors (i.e. who move or destroy), (35) whoever commands another, or initiates a proposal, or supports a proposal about moving or destroying (40) any of these (will be under this curse).