Dedication by ephebes of Erechtheis, 333/2 BC

IG II3 4 336 Date: 333/2 BC
The controller (sōphronistēs) Perik- son of - of Anagyrous[1] The gymnasiarchs[2] of the ephebes of ErechtheisI of the archonship of Nikokrates (333/2) dedicated (this), having won the torch-race,[3] -andros son of Tim- of Euonymon, Charikles son of Aleximenes of Pergase.
(5) Torchbearers
col. 1
Agakles of Pergase (erased name)[2] Archagathos of Lamptrai Solon of Agryle (10) Pythokles of Lamptrai Demokrines of Pergase Dikaiokrates of Pergase Charinautes of Lamptrai Philemon of Agryle (15) Aristokles of Lamptrai Philochares of Anagyrous
col. 2
(erased name)[2] Phanomachos of - Alkimachides of Pergase (20) Kimon of Pergase Timokrates of Kephisia Sosibios of Euonymon Diokles of Lamptrai Hieron of Lamptrai (25) Polykrates of Euonymon Xenophon of Lamptrai Epikrates of Euonymon Diopeithes of Lamptrai
col. 3
Hyperbolos of Pambotadai (30) Philokles of Anagyrous Aristion of Pergase Telenikos of Pergase Eidon of Agryle Philippos of Anagyrous (35) Philodemos of Lamptrai Antiphemos of Pergase Antiphanes of Kephisia Philoneos of Pergase Nikias of Kephisia (40) Phanoteles of Euonymon
col. 4
Epikrates of Anagyrous Theramenes of Kephisia Philon of Lamptrai Theophilos of Anagyrous (45) Hagnonides of Kephisia Philostratos of Lamptrai Kallip(p)os of Lamptrai Glaukos of Euonymon Nikophemos of Euonymon (50) Philonides of Euonymon Kephisogenes of Kephisia Polymedes of Lamptrai
col. 5
Leochides of Euonymon. Uninscribed space