Honours for Straton king of Sidon

AIUK 11 (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) no. 1 Date: ca. 394-386 BC ?
. . . . . . of the Athenians, and has taken care that the ambassadors (presbeis) whom the People sent to the King should travel as finely as possible, and to reply to the man who has come (5) from the king of the Sidonians that, if he is also a good man in the future to the People of Athens, he will not fail to obtain from the Athenians whatever he needs. Also Straton (10) the king of Sidon shall be a proxenos of the People of Athens, both himself and his descendants.[1] Let the secretary of the Council inscribe this decree on a stone stele within ten days and (15) set it down on the Acropolis; and the treasurers (tamias) shall give the secretary of the Council 30 drachmas from the ten talent fund for inscribing the stele; and let the Council also have tokens (sumbola) made (20) for (pros) the king of the Sidonians, so that the People of Athens may know if the king of the Sidonians sends anything when making a request of the city, and the king of the Sidonians may know whenever the People (25) of Athens sends anybody to him;[2] and also to invite the man who has come from the king of the Sidonians to hospitality (xenia) in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow. Menexenos proposed: in other respects in accordance (30) with Kephisodotos; but for any Sidonians residing in Sidon and enjoying citizen status (politeuomenoi) who visit Athens for purposes of trade, it shall not be permitted to exact the metic tax (metoikion) from them, nor to appoint (35) any as theatrical sponsor (chorēgon), nor to register them for any capital tax (eisphoran).[3]