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Poem on the duties of a physician

IG II3 4 849 Date: 85-100 AD
The duties of a physician are the following:[1] first he must take up the Paionian arts[2] and heal his own mind before giving assistance to anyone, (15) and he must not examine or touch anyone in a manner contrary to divine laws (thesma) and the oath. He should cure with professional skill (aretai) and practice (ēthesi), and not be disarmed (ateuchēs) when he feels lovely young women and wives to provide them assistance, and his breast becomes warm with desire [unworthy of a true] physician. Therefore I declare to the godly minded (theophrosin) and the pure (abebalois) (20) . . . and . . . healers . . . and not quickly forget the sacred rites (orgia) . . . this helps . . . . . . child . . . There, having become such by his art and [his judgement], he would be like the god in the way he is saviour (25) equally of slaves, of poor and rich, of rulers, and in the way he would give assistance to all like a brother. For we are all brothers. Therefore he would not hate anyone, nor would he conceal envy in his mind or increase his pretensions. . . . not . . . (30) . . . Hygieia but . . . art . . . heart.