Sacrificial calendar of Thorikos

AIO 847 Date: Ca. 440-400 BC (?)
Face A (front)
. . . Hekatombaion:[2] . . . and for the . . . to provide lunch (aristom) . . . a drachma each (5) . . . the Proerosia offering (?) (tēn prēro-), . . . the Delphinion,[3] a goat . . . for Hekate . . . _[7] . . . a full-grown victim (teleom), to be sold (praton).[6] (10) [Metageitnion]: for Zeus Kataibates in the sacred enclosure (sēkōi) by the [Delphini?]on,[3] a full-grown victim (teleon), to be sold (praton).[6] _ An oath victim (horkōmosion) is to be provided for the audits (euthunas).[8] Boedromion: the Proerosia;[5] for Zeus Polieus, a select (kriton) sheep, a select piglet; at Automenai (?) (ep' Automenas),[4] (15) a bought piglet, burnt whole (holokauton);[9] the priest[10] is to provide lunch for the attendant (akolouthonti); for Kephalos, a select sheep; for Prokris, a table;[11] for Thorikos, a select sheep; for the Heroines of Thorikos, a table;[12] at Sounion, for Poseidon a select lamb (amnon); (20) for Apollo, a select young billy goat (chimaron); for Kourotrophos,[13] a select (kritēn) piglet; for Demeter, a full-grown victim;[15] for Zeus Herkeios, a full-grown victim; for Kourotrophos,[13] a piglet; ⟦for Athena, a sheep, to be sold (praton)⟧;[14] at the salt-pan (eph' halēi), for Poseidon, _ a full-grown victim; for Apollo, a piglet. (25) Pyanopsion: for Zeus Kataibates, at [Philom]elidai,[4] a full-grown victim, to be sold (praton), on the six[teen]th; _ for Young Man (Neaniai), a full-grown victim, at the Pyanopsia,[5] [to be sold (praton) or boiled seed mix (puana)]. Maimakterion: for Thorikos, a bovine of no less than forty, and up to fifty drachmas; (30) _ for the Heroines of Thorikos, a table. _ Posideon: the Dionysia.[15] _ Gamelion: for Hera, at the Sacred Marriage (Hierōi Gamōi),[5] . . . Anthesterion: for Dionysos, on the twelfth, a goat, lacking age-marking teeth (leipegnōmona), tawny or black;[16] (35) _ at the Diasia,[5] for Zeus Meilichios, a sheep, to be sold (praton);[6] Elaphebolion: for the Herakleidai, a full-grown victim, for Alkmene, a full-grown victim; for the Anakes, a full-grown victim; for [Helen?], a full-grown victim;[17] for Demeter, the Chloia offering (tēn chloian), a select sheep, _ pregnant;[18] for Zeus, a select lamb (arna). (40) Mounichion: for Artemis [at?] Mounichia, a full-grown victim;[5] at (the sanctuary) of Pythian Apollo,[3] a triple offering (trittoan), for Kourotrophos,[13] a piglet; for Leto, a goat; for Artemis, a goat; for Apollo, a goat, lacking age-marking teeth (leipognōmona); for Demeter, a sheep, pregnant, as the Antheia offering (antheian);[18] for Philonis,[19] (45) a table;[12] for Dionysos, at Mykenos or Mykenon,[4] a he-goat, _ tawny or black. Thargelion: for Zeus, at Automenai (?) (ep Automenas),[4] a select lamb (arna); for “Over-the-Plain” (Hyperpediōi),[19] a sheep; for the Heroines of Hyperpedios, a table; for Nisos,[19] a sheep; for Thras-, (50) a sheep; for Sosineos,[19] a sheep; for Rhogios,[19] a sheep; for Gate-holder (Pylochōi),[19] _ a piglet; for the Heroines of Pylochos, a table. Skirophorion: an oath victim (horkōmosion) is to be provided;[8] at the Plynteria,[5] for Athena, a select sheep; for Aglauros, a sheep; for Athena, a select lamb (arna); for Kephalos, (55) a bovine of no less than forty and up to fifty drachmas; for P[rokris], a sheep, 20 dr. (?) (oiΔΔn); the auditor and his deputies (paredros) are to swear (omosai), 'I shall audit the office that was allotted to me for auditing in accordance with the decrees by which the office [has been established?]'; (60) oaths shall be (omnunai) to Zeus, Apollo, Demeter, calling down utter destruction; and his deputies in the same way; to inscribe the oath on a stele and set it up [by the -]ion. All offices for which officials are elected [or allotted] (65) shall be subject to audits (hupeuthunos).
Face B (right)
at the level of ll. 4-6 at Mykenos or Mykenon,[4] [a full-grown victim] . . . , sacrifice a sheep at the Panathenaia,[5] to be sold[6] at the level of l. 12 for Phoenix or the Phoenician, a full-grown victim; at the level of l. 44 for Zeus Herkeios, a sheep;
Face C (left)
at the level of l. 31 for Apollo, a full-grown victim at the between the level of ll. 31-32 Pyanopsia; at the level of l. 42 for Zeus Herkeios, a sheep; at the level of l. 58 for the Heroines of Koroneia, a sheep;