Building accounts of Parthenon, 434/3 BC

IG I3 449 Date: 434/3 BC
(370) (375)
For the overseers (epistatesi)[1] to whom Antikles was secretary;[2] in the fourteenth Council, to which Metagenes was first secretary,[3] in the archonship of Krates for the Athenians.[4] The following are the receipts for this year:
1470 dr. (380) 74 27 and a sixth (385) 25,000 dr. (390) 1,372 dr. 1,305 dr. 4 ob.
Remaining from the previous year: Gold staters Lampsakene; Gold staters Kyzikene.[5] From the treasurers responsible for the property of the Goddess, to whom Krates of Lamptrai was secretary; from the sale of gold, weight 98 dr.: price of this; from the sale of ivory, weight 3 talents 60 dr.: price of this.[6]
(395) [(≥) 904 dr. 1 ob.] 1926 dr. 2 ob. (400) 16,392 dr. (≥) 1,831 dr. 2 ob. (405) 74 27 and a sixth
Expenses: for purchases (onematon); for wages (misthomaton): to workers (huporgois) at Pentele: who also place stones on the wheels; to the sculptors of the pediment sculptures (enaietion), wages (misthos); for monthly wages. Surplus for this year: Gold staters Lampsakene Gold staters Kyzikene