Honours for the managers of the Amphiaraia

IG II3 1 355 Date: 329/8 BC
Gods. In the archonship of Kephisophon (329/8), in the third prytany, of HippothontisVIII, for which Sostratides son of Ekphantos (5) of Eupyridai was secretary. On the sixteenth, the thirty-third of the prytany. Assembly. Of the presiding committee (proedrōn) Demochares of Phlya was putting to the vote. The People decided. (10) Demosthenes son of Demokles of Lamptrai[1] proposed: since those elected by the People for the management (epimeleian) of the competition and the other matters relating to the festival of Amphiaraos[2] managed (15) well and with love of honour (philotimōs) both the procession for Amphiaraos and the gymnic and equestrian competition and the horse-leaping (apobaseōs) and all the other matters relating to the festal Assembly (panēgurin), which (20) the People required of them, the People shall decide: to praise those who were elected,[3] Phanodemos son of Diyllos of Thymaitadai, Lykourgos son of Lykophron of Boutadai, Demades son of Demeas of Paiania, Sophilos (25) son of Aristoteles of Phyle, Thrasyleon son of Theophon of Acharnai, Epiteles son of Soinomos of Pergase, Nikeratos son of Nikias of Kydantidai, Epichares son of Agonochares of Paiania, Thymochares (30) son of Phaidros of Sphettos, Kephisophon son of Lysiphon of Cholargos, for their justice and love of honour (philotimias) towards the god and the Athenian People, and to crown them with a gold (35) crown of 1,000 drachmas; and to give them also 100 drachmas for a sacrifice and dedication; and the treasurer of the People shall advance the money for the sacrifice; and in the next session of the lawmakers (nomothetais) (40) an amendment to the law shall be proposed for the treasurer; and the treasurer of the People shall give to those elected to manage the competition the thirty drachmas which are specified in the law to be given (45) to the man elected to be in charge of good order (eutaxian); and the secretary of the Council shall inscribe this decree and stand it in the sanctuary of Amphiaraos; and for inscribing the stele the treasurer (50) of the People shall give 30 drachmas from the fund allocated to the People for expenditure on decrees.