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Dedication by the Council and decree

IG II3 1 360 Date: 328/7 BC
The following contributed to the dedication which the Council made in the archonship of Euthykritos (328/7).[1]
col. 1
Philostratos of Acharnai (5) Euthykrates of Aphidna Chairestratos of Rhamnous Oulias of Steiria Phalanthos of Kerameis Eukrates of Lamptrai (10) Lykourgos of Melite Kallisthenes of Trinemeia Euetion of Sphettos Empedos of Oe Theokrines of Hybadai (15) Philokrates of Aixone Protokles of Kephisia Boulis of Thorai
col. 2
Demetrios of Aphidna Ameinias of Agryle (20) Antidotos of Sypalettos Theodoros of Pallene Epigethes of Eroiadai Nikandros of Marathon Lysitheos of Euonymon (25) Treasurer: Sotiades of Acharnai Secretar[ies]: Sokrates of Paionidai Pythodelos of Hagnous.
col. 1
(30) The following others contributed: Phanodemos of Thymaitadai Demades of Paiania Polyeuktos of Sphettos Eu- of Kollytos (35) Kephisophon of Cholargos
col. 2
Aristeides of Hermos Pheidippos of M[yrrhinous?] Kalliteles of - Kallik- of - (40) Aristion- of -.
Kallisthenes son of Charmylos (?) of Trinemeia proposed: since Euthykrates of Aphidna and Philostratos of Acharnai and Chairestratos of Rhamnous continue always to show love of honour (philotimoumenoi) towards the Council (45) and took joint responsibility for the Council’s dedication in the Amphiaraion (en Anphiaraou) well and with love of honour (philotimōs), the Council shall decide: to praise Euthykrates son of Drakontides of Aphidna, Philostratos son of Philinos of Acharnai, Chairestratos son of Chairedemos of Rhamnous, (50) and crown each of them with a gold crown of 500 dr. when they have rendered their accounts, so that others may also show love of honour (philotimōntai) towards the Council, knowing that the Council will give to each of them thanks worthy of their benefactions; (55) and the secretary of the Council shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the sanctuary of Amphiaraos.