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Dedication of the religious officials who led the Pythais

IG II3 4 18 Date: ca. 330-325 BC
The People of the Athenians dedicated (this) to Apollo.[1] The religious officials (hieropoioi) who led the Pythais:[2]
col. 1
Phanodemos son of DiyllosVIII Boethos son of NausinikosV (5) Lykourgos son of LykophronVI Demades son of DemeasIII Klearchos son of NausiklesX
col. 2
Glauketes son of GlaukosIV Neoptolemos son of AntiklesVII (10) Kleochares son of GlauketesI Hippokrates son of AristokratesIX Nikeratos son of NikiasII.[3]