Contract for construction of flood drain at Amphiaraion

I Oropos 292 Date: 335-322 BC
Gods. At the sanctuary of Amphiaraos (en Amphiaraou), so that water might not be prevented by the ravine (hupo tēs charadras) from flowing from the bath (lotrōnos) of the men’s room (andreiou), whenever it rains, but so that the bath (loutrōn) might be usable, (5) when the god raises a storm, to make[1] a stone gutter (ochetom), concealed, in length starting from the pavement (strōmatos) of the bridge as far as the way down past the women’s (gunaikeion) bathing room (loutrōna), digging a trench (taphron) of the specified length, (10) in breadth from the retaining wall (analēmmatos) of the ravine four feet, in depth three feet; he will place stones, setting them together in the ground cross-wise (phormēdon), fitting eachother and firm (askastous) in their bedding, pounding each stone down (15) with lead (molubdōi) or stone (lithōi), dressing (epikopsas) their upper faces (kata kephalēn) and levelling them in the direction of the slope so that there might be a good flow; he will place upon them worked stones with their beddings even and immovable and all the joints, and he will hew the faces (20) true (eutenē); and he will place upright stones one and a half feet apart leaving a channel a foot in width, and he will place them firm (askastous) in their beddings and joining with one another, linking all the joints; and dressing the upper faces (kata kephalēn), he will make a regular paving, (25) composed of stones joining one another and placed firm (askastous) in their bedding, not making anywhere any overlaps between the stones (artilithian); he will pack alongside all the stones earth from the trench; he will make use also of stones from the theatre which is opposite (30) the altar, procuring the stones himself for the job, but if they are not sufficient, the managers (epimelētai) will provide as many as are necessary for the job; he will undertake the work in units of four feet and he will finish the job within twenty days from the day on which (35) he took the money; he is contracted per four feet 6 drachmas. Phrynos residing at Alopeke is contractor (misthōtēs); Telesias son of Tellias of Euonymon is guarantor.