Proxeny for Theogenes of Naukratis

IG II3 1 294 Date: 349/8 BC
Decree 1 In the ninth prytany, of PandionisIII, for which Dieuches son of Demarchos of Phrearrhioi was secretary. Sokerdes of Halai (5) was chairman. Kallimachos was archon (349/8). The Council and the People decided. Hierokleides son of Timostratos of Alopeke[1] proposed: since Theogenes of Naukratis is a good man with respect to the Athenian (10) People and does what good is in his power, for those who come, both individually (idiai) and publicly (dēmosiai), both now and in time past, both himself and his ancestors, the Council shall decide: (15) that the presiding committee (proedrous) allotted to preside at the next Assembly shall introduce Theogenes, and put his case on the agenda, and submit the opinion of the Council to the People, that it (20) seems good to the Council, that Theogenes son of Xenokles of Naukratis be proxenos and benefactor of the Athenian People, both himself and his descendants; and he shall have right of [ownership (egktēsin)] of a house; (25) and the generals and the Council in office at any time shall take care of him.
Decree 2 Hierokleides son of Timostratos of Alopeke[1] proposed: in other respects as proposed by the Council, but the secretary of the (30) Council shall inscribe this decree on the acropolis and stand it there within ten days; and the treasurer of the People shall give 20 drachmas for inscribing the stele from the People’s fund for expenditure on decrees; (35) and to praise Theogenes and invite him to hospitality in the [city hall (prutaneion)] tomorrow.