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Honours for Menelaos the Pelagonian, 363/2 BC

IG II2 110 Date: 363/2 BC
Relief[1] Menelaos the Pelagonian, benefactor (euergetēs).[2] In the archonship of Charikleides (363/2). In the sixth prytany, of OineisVI. The Council and the People decided. OineisVI was in prytany. (5) Nikostratos was secretary.[3] Charikles of Leukonoion was chairman. Satyros proposed:[4] since Timotheos the general demonstrates that Menelaos the Pelagonian is both himself joining in the war and providing money for the war against the Chalkidians and Amphipolis, the Council shall (10) resolve: to introduce him to the People at the next Assembly (ekklēsian), and submit the opinion of the Council to the People that it seems good to the Council to praise him because he is a good man and does what good he can for the People of Athens. The generals (15) who are in the area of Macedon shall take care of him, so that, if he needs anything, he shall obtain it; and he shall be permitted to obtain from the People any other good he can; and to invite Menelaos to hospitality (xenia) in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow. (20) Satyros proposed:[4] in other respects in accordance with the Council; but since the ancestors of Menelaos [were benefactors (euergetai)] of the People of Athens, [Menelaos also shall be a] benefactor (euergetēn) . . . . . .