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Proxeny for Demokrates of Lampsakos

IG II3 1 293 Date: 351/0 BC or 348/7 BC
For Demokrates son of Euboulos of Lampsakos proxeny and benefactorship (euergesia).[1] In the archonship of -,[2] in the -nth prytany, of LeontisIV,[3] for which Chremes son of Ph- of (5) -dai was secretary (351/0 or 348/7).[4] On the twenty-sixth of the prytany.[5] Of the presiding committee (proedrōn) Aristaios of Phaleron was putting to the vote.[6] The Council and the People decided.[7] -s son of Aristyllos of Steiria [proposed]: . . . (10) . . . . . .