Epigram commemorating the Athenians who fell at the battle of Poteidaia

AIUK 4.6 (BM, Funerary Monuments) no. 79 Date: 432 BC
At Pot[eidaia these Athenians died?].
Immortal . . . to mark out excellence (areten) . . . and the strength of their forefathers . . . (5)a victory fine in war they got as their memorial when they perished.
Aither received the souls (phsuchas), and earth the bodies of these men; and around the gates of Poteidaia were they severed. And of their foes, some have their share of a tomb, others fled and set their wall as the surest hope of life.
(10)This city and People of Erechtheus longs for these men, who before Poteidaia died in the front ranks (promachois), sons of the Athenians; but casting their lives into the scales, they drew the lot of excellence (areten) and brought glory (eukleisan) to their country. (trans. adapted from Bowie)[1]