Conze I no. 46 - Grave stele of [De?]mo

Conze I 129 - Grave stele of Theophile

Conze I no. 130 - Grave stele of the nurse Melitta

Conze I no. 141 - Funerary monument. Myttope with Myrrhine

Conze I no. 169 - Funerary stele for Chairippe daughter of Euphranor

Conze I no. 213 - Lekythos of Pamphilos and Archippe

Conze I no. 218 - Lekythos of Ada

Conze I no. 296 - Grave stele of Demetria

Conze I no. 324 - Grave stele of Kleo (?)

Conze I no. 325 - Grave stele of a family from Sestos

Conze I no. 340 - Funerary Monument of Phanostrate, Midwife and Doctor

Conze I no. 358 - Grave stele of a family from Xypete

Conze I no. 367 - Funerary monument for Moschos

Conze I no. 379 - Lekythos of Hedyle and Alkimachos

Conze I no. 394 - Lekythos of Archagora

Conze I no. 470 - Lekythos of Sosippos

Conze II no. 674 - Funerary stele for Demochares and Hegelochos

Conze II no. 678 - Lekythos of Pytharatos and Herophilos

Conze II no. 696 - Grave stele of Xanthippos

Conze I no. 793 - Kioniskos of Thrason

Conze II no. 817 (drawing) - Grave stele of Aristomache

Conze II no. 868 - Grave stele of Hierokleia

Conze II no. 888 - Grave stele of Timarete

Conze II no. 905 - Lekythos of Demostrate

Conze II no. 909 - Grave stele of Erasippos

Conze II no. 912 - Funerary stele for [Th]eokles or [N]eokles

Conze II no. 947 - Grave stele of Menekrates

Conze II no. 1005 - Grave stele of Archiades and Polemonikos

Conze II no. 1006 - Funerary stele for Euthykritos of Eitea

Conze II no. 1049 - Painted funerary stele for the son of Hermaios and Kollion

Conze II no. 1065 - Funerary lekythos [for a father and son?] from Epikephisia

Conze II no. 1099 - Funerary stele of Philodemos and Lysimache

Conze II no. 1135 - Lekythos of Hermotion(?)

Conze II no. 1141 - Lekythos of Mys, Philia, Metrodora and Meles

Conze II no. 1155 - Epigram commemorating the Athenians who fell at the battle of Poteidaia

Conze III nos. 1157, 1529 - Memorial of Athenian cavalry killed in the Corinthian War (394 BC)

Conze II no. 1158 - Epitaph of Dexileos, cavalryman killed in Corinthian war (394 BC)

Conze II no. 1161 - Grave stele of Aristokles

Conze II no. 1162 - Anthippasia dedication of Antiochis

Conze III no. 1258 - Funerary monument of Glauketes

Conze III no. 1260 - Fragment of funerary stele of Chairion

Conze III no. 1513 - Grave stele of Hippokrates and Baukis

Conze III no. 1575 - Bilingual grave stele of Artemidoros of Sidon

Conze III no. 1579 - Grave stele of Asklepiodoros and Epikydes of Olynthos

Conze III no. 1582 - Funerary monument. Python of Oinoe and Philte

Conze III no. 1611 - Grave stele of Eumachos

Conze III no. 1624 - Grave stele of Smikylion

Conze III no. 1641 - Grave stele of Chabrias from Selymbria

Conze III no. 1649 - Funerary stele for Aristoklea and another

Conze III no. 1715 - Loutrophoros of Phaidemos