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Honours for Xenokles of Sphettos

I Eleus. 95 Date: 321/0 or 318/7 BC
When Onetor was demarch, in the archonship of Archippos (321/0 or 318/7),[1] the deme of Eleusis and the Athenians on guard duty (phulakēi)[2] decided: (5) for good fortune, [Moi]r[okles] son of Euthydemos of Eleusis[3] proposed: since the law requires that it be specified in the decree what benefit the recipient of a grant has done to (10) the city,[4] and Xenokles,[5] having been elected manager both of the sanctuary of the Two Goddesses and of the Mysteries,[6] conducted his offices piously and - and with love of honour (philotimōs); (15) and in order that the sacred objects be conveyed safely and finely[7] as well as the gathering of Greeks coming to Eleusis and to the sanctuary for the festival, and those (20) living on the outskirts (proastion) of the town and the farmers be relieved (sōizōntai), he is building (kataskeuazei) a stone bridge,[8] spending his own money on it,[9] and having managed (diacheirisas) public funds both previously (25) and now[10] is crowned for his justice,[11] and in his liturgies . . . People or deme . . . . . .