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Decree of the Eumolpidai honouring Neoptolemos of Melite

I Eleus. 93 Date: ca. 345-320 BC
Gods. Hirophanes proposed: since [Neopto]lemos son of A[ntikles of Melite][1] manages the rites well and (5) with love of honour (philotimōs) and piously and adorned (ekosmēsen) beautifully the sanctuary of Plouton, to praise him and crown him with a myrtle crown[2] for his piety and love of honour (philotimias), (10) and to allot him a portion (merida) from the Greater Mysteries and those in Agrai as large as that for each of the Eumolpidai,[3] since he is devoted (spoudaios) to the sanctuary and the genos of the (15) Eumolpidai; and to inscribe the decree on a stone stele . . . . . .