List of participants of the first Domitianic Dodekais at Delphi

F.Delphes III 2 65 Date: 84/5 – 92/3 AD (87/8 AD?)
In the archonship of Emperor Caesar Augustus Domitian Germanicus Zeus Eleutherios at Athens,[1] the following came to sacrifice the bull-headed (bouprōron) Dodekais:[2] the herald of Apollo Pythios and priest of Hermes (5)Patroos of the Kerykes [Philon] son of Philon of Marathon, the religious official (hieropoios) Po[le]m[on son of Philon] of Marathon, the seer (mantis) Philemon of Azenia, the [pipe-player] Philomousos of Marathon,[3] in the priesthood of Apollo Pythios at Athens of Hipparchos son of [Herodes of Marathon], and at [Delphi] of Euthydamos and Eukleidas.[4]