Louvre 48: IG II2 4969 Donation of a house and garden to Asklepios in accordance with an oracle

Louvre MA 163: IG II3 4 326 Dedication from Sounion by a general, 219/18 BC

Louvre MNB 800: IG I3 524 Dedication from funerary games

Louvre MA 831: AIO Papers 5 pp. 9-11 Payments from the treasury of Athena, 408/7-407/6 BC

Louvre MA 831: IG I3 375 Payments from the treasury of Athena, 410/9 BC

Louvre MA 834: IG II3 4 333 Dedication by ephebes

Louvre MA 843: AIO 801 Honours for Phanokritos of Parion, 386/5 BC

Louvre MA 844: IG I3 258 Decree of the deme Plotheia

Louvre MA 845: IG II2 1174 Decree of Halai Aixonides (prescribing an audit procedure)

Louvre MA 856: IG I3 52 Decrees relating to the treasury of the Other Gods ("Kallias' decrees")

Louvre MA 863: IG I3 1147 Memorial of war-dead (tribe Erechtheis), 460-459 BC

Louvre 957: IG II2 1184 Sacrificial regulation for the Thesmophoria at Cholargos

Louvre: SEG 47.232 Monument commemorating the foundation and early years of the Asklepieion at Athens