Sacrificial regulation for the Thesmophoria at Cholargos

IG II2 1184 Date: 334/3 BC
. . . sacred remembrancers (hieromnēmonas).[1] Uninscribed space Both (female) officials together shall give to the priestess for (5) the festival and for managing the Thesmophoria: a half-sixth (hemiekteion) of barley, a half-sixth of wheat, a half- sixth of barley groats, a half-sixth of wheatmeal, a half-sixth of figs, a chous (10) of wine, half a chous of olive-oil, two cups (kotulas) of honey, a choinix of white sesame, a choinix of black, a choinix of poppy seeds, two fresh cheeses (weighing) no less than a stater each, (15) and two staters of garlic, and a torch worth no less than two obols and 4 drachmas of silver. The (female) officials shall give these things. And in order that this will take place on behalf of the deme of Cholargos (20) according to what is written for all time, those (male) in office in the archonship of Ktesikles (334/3) shall erect a stele and inscribe this decree on a stone stele in the Pythion, and they shall give an account of their (25) expenditure to the demesmen of Cholargos.