Sacrificial calendar of a private association (?)

AIUK 11 (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) no. 2 Date: ca. ii AD
. . . [with twelve bosses?][1] Metageitnion: for the goddesses on the [2nd or 12th] . . . . . . of the Panteleia, a twelve- bossed round cake (popanon dōdekomphalon), containing a choinix (of flour), on the 15th, wineless libation (nēphalion).[2] (5) Boedromion: On the 13th for Nephthys and Osiris you will burn (karpōseis) a rooster, sprinkling wheat and barley, pouring a libation of honey-mixture (melikraton). On the 17th, for Demeter and Kore, (sacrifice) an adult pig (delphaka) without delay. On the 18th, (sacrifice) the vintage (trugēton) to Dionysos and the other gods, immediately[3] (10) Pyanopsion: for Apollo and Artemis, on the 7th, a straight-bossed (orthonphalon) round cake containing a choinix and a flattened one with twelve bosses.[4] Maimakterion: for Zeus Georgos on the 20th, a round cake containing a choinix, straight-bossed, with twelve bosses, (15) and a kneaded-cake (naston) containing a choinix, moulded on top, an offering of all kinds of harvest produce (pankarpian), a wineless libation.[5] Posideon: On the 8th from the beginning of the month, a round cake containing a choinix, with twelve bosses, flattened, for Poseidon Chamaizelos, wineless libation.[6] On the 19th, (20) for the Winds, a round cake containing a choinix, straight- bossed, with twelve bosses, a wineless libation. Gamelion: you will garland (kittōseis) (statues of) Dionysos with ivy on the 19th. Anthesterion: priests from the cleansing water (ek loutrōn).[7] Elaphebolion: On the 15th, for Kronos, a round cake (25) with twelve bosses, flattened – you will mould a a bull on top (?) – containing a choinix, (sacrifice) immediately. Mounichion: On the 2nd to last day of the month, for Herakles and his Uncle (theiō), 2 roosters, round cakes containing a choinix with twelve bosses, straight-bossed, (sacrifice) immediately.[8]