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Dedication by an association

IG II3 4 662 Date: 2nd cent. AD
Plaque A
col. 1
Xenokles the elder, Xenokles Flavius Xenokles son of Xenokles the younger Dionysios Aristoboulos (5) son of Stephanos Phoibos son of Aristoboulos Zosimianos son of Aristoboulos
col. 2
Apollonios, Serapion Apollonios priest (10) Euporos priest Apollonios son of Euporos Philargyros son of Aristoboulos
Plaque B
Hermogenes, Serapion, Loukios (15) Zoilos Dion- Stephanos son of Aristoboulos
Plaque C
col. 1
Anthesterios Secundus A
col. 2
Anthesterios priest Artemon son of Bion of Acharnai.