Dedication by pre-ephebes (mellepheboi), 95/4 BC

IG II3 4 373 Date: 95/4 BC
The pre-ephebes[1] of the archonship of Theodotos (95/4 BC) (dedicated this) to the Muses: Boulos son of Hegesisthenes of Lousia (5) Philon son of Theotimos of Semachidai Eudoxos son of Eudoxos of Eleusis Demetrios son of Demetrios of Antioch Zopyros son of Amphikrates of Phlya Alexandros son of Iakchos of Adana (10) Sosigenes son of Sosigenes of Probalinthos Uninscribed Python son of Python of Athmonon Theon son of Menelaos of Paiania Asketos son of Androkles of Dekeleia (honour) their instructor (didaskalon): Uninscribed (15) Artemon of Themakos.