Decree of deme Piraeus concerning the Thesmophorion

IG II2 1177 Date: Mid-iv BC
. . . the demarch in office at any time shall take care of the Thesmophorion[1] together with the priestess, that no-one releases anything or gathers a thiasos or installs sacred objects (5) or performs purification rites or approaches the altars or the pit (megaron) without the priestess except when it is the festival of the Thesmophoria or the Plerosia or the Kalamaia (10) or the Skira or another day on which the women come together according to ancestral tradition;[2] that the Piraeans shall resolve: if anyone does any of these things in contravention of these provisions, the demarch (15) shall impose a penalty and bring him before a law court under the laws that are in place with respect to these things;[3] and concerning the gathering of wood in the sanctuaries, if anyone gathers wood, may the old laws (archaious nomous) (20) be valid, those that are in place with respect to these matters;[4] and the boundary officers (horistas)[5] shall inscribe this decree together with the demarch and stand it by the way up to the Thesmophorion.[6]