List of participants in the first Augustan Dodekais at Delphi

F.Delphes III 2 59 Date: 30/29-26/5 BC (30/29 BC?)
For Good Fortune of the Council and People of Athens. In the archonship of Antigenes at Delphi and of Architimos at Athens,[2] the following held the Dodekais:[1] the priest of Apollo Eukles son of Herodes of Marathon,[3] the interpreter chosen by the Pythian oracle (exēgētēs puthochrēstos) from the Eupatridai Polykritos son of Polycharmos of Azenia,[4] the interpreter (exēgētēs) (5)from the Eupatridai appointed by the People Diotimos son of Diodoros of Halai,[5] the herald of Apollo and priest of Hermes Patroos of the Kerykes Gorgippos son of Eudemos of Melite,[6] the sacred remembrancer (hieromnēmōn) Thrasykles son of Archikles of Lakiadai, the seers (manteis) Archikles son of Thrasykles of Lakiadai, Lysias son of Paramonos of Lakiadai.[7]