List of participants in the first Augustan Dodekais at Delphi

F.Delphes III 2 60 Date: 30/29-26/5 BC (30/29 BC?)
For Good fortune of the Council and People of Athens, in the archonship of Antigenes at Delphi and of Architimos at Athens, uninscribed space the following held the Dodekais:[1] the priest of Apollo Eukles son of Herodes of Marathon, the interpreter (exēgētēs) from the Eupatridai appointed by the People Diotimos (5)son of Diodoros of Halai, uninscribed space the herald of Apollo Gorgippos son of Eudemos of Melite, uninscribed space [2] the seer (mantis) Lysias son of Paramonos of Lakiadai.