Dedication by officials in charge of the mint

IG II3 4 49 Date: Ca. 400-350 BC
The following overseers of the mint (epistatai argurokopio)[1] dedicated (this) in the archonship of – uninscribed space – son of – of AnaphlystosX –doros son of –on of PiraeusVIII (5) –emon son of Theogeiton of AphidnaIX –s son of Phaidon of PhlyaVII –los son of Mnesitheos of LakiadaiVI uninscribed space –s son of Kallonides of ProspaltaV – son of Smikrion of LeukonoionIV (10) – son of – of [Euony]monI Agon– son of – of P[aiania]III Hiero– son of – of –II Secretary: – son of – of [Koth]okidaiVI[2] in the (?) . . . [3] uninscribed space