Honours for the prytany treasurer of Leontis

Agora XV 307 Date: 20s BC?
col. 1
[1] - son of -sandros -s ⟦(son of -s)⟧ [Antiocho]s son of Herodes (5)-odoros (son of -odoros) [Epe]rastos son of Dionysios -rchos son of Andromachos -los son of Menandr[os] -os (son of -os) (10)-nes son of Demetrios -s Hostilius[2] [Euphr]osynos son of Dionysios [Ath]enodoros (son of [Ath]enodoros) -cius Rubrius (15)The prytaneis (crown) the treasurer of the sacred allocation (tamian tēs hieras diataxeōs), in crown Gorgias of (20)Eupyridai[3]
col. 2
traces of a crown The prytaneis (crown) the secretary of the [board (synedriou)],[4] [having been] in crown (25)Hyg[einos?] son of Kl- of Gargettos uninscribed space