Honours for the prytany treasurer of Antiochis

Agora XV 301 Date: mid-1st century BC-mid-1st century AD
in pediment . . . (crowns) [the treasurer], [Marcus Fulvius] -os (son of -os)[1] moulding [Since, having made an approach], the prytaneis of [Antiochis declare] that Marcus Fulvius (5)[-os (son of -os) of Besa, the treasurer], has given forethought (pronoian) [for money from his own resources] and has also taken care of the [shared] [benefits to the Council and] the prytaneis [of Antiochis themselves, displaying] all enthusiasm (prothumian), [and for this they call (on the Council)] to allow them to make (10)the dedication [of a painted image (ikonos) of him] in the Asklepieion, [bearing this inscription: "The] prytaneis of Antiochis [in the archonship of - and those with perpetual dining rights (aisitoi) [dedicated (this image of)] their own treasurer, [Marcus Fulvius -os (son of -os) of Besa], [on account of his friendship and enthusiasm and] forethought for money," (15)[for good fortune], the Council shall decide to praise [Marcus Fulvius -os (son of -os)] of Besa for his [enthusiasm] regarding the [people of] Besa's [deme and for] his skill (technēn) regarding the [rest of the prytaneis[2] and] to crown him with a foliage [crown, with which it is traditional] to crown good (20)[men, and also to allow] the prytaneis and those with perpetual dining rights to make] the [dedication of the image] of him [in the Asklepieion], so that, when these things are done [and this] witness (marturias) [exists], those who even privately . . . shall became providers . . .
col. (right)
(25)S[o]kles son of Isidotos[3] [Pa]r[a]monos son of Xen-