Dedication by Acharnai to Ares and Augustus in the Athenian Agora

IG II3 4 242 Date: 19/8 or 18/7 BC (?)
[For good fortune. When the priest] of Ares was Apollophanes, [son of -, the temple attendants (zakoreuontōn)? were] Theoxenos son of Demetrios [and - son] of Apollonios, the eponymous [archon of the city was Areios (19/8) or Demeas (18/7)], the community (koinon) of Acharnai (dedicated this) for (5) [their benefactions to it?] as a thank-offering to Ares and Augustus [Caesar?] Uninscribed space -os son of Diognetos of Acharnai made it.[1]