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Provisions for priests and priestesses (in Aixone?)

CGRN 57 Date: 400-350 BC
... the priestess of the Heroine, priestly dues (hiereosuna), 5 dr.; the skins of the all the victims for the Heroine (heroinion); for a singed...

The sacrificial calendar of the Marathonian Tetrapolis

SEG 50.168 Date: Ca. 375-350 BC?
... a sheep, 11 dr., priestly dues (hierosuna), 7 dr., for Earth in the fields (Gei eg guais), a pregnant bovine, 90 () dr., priestly dues ...

Sacrificial Calendar of Athens (later phase)

AIO 1189 Date: 403/2-400/399 BC
... priestly dues for Athena Itonia a sheep priestly dues for Demeter at Eleusis a sheep for Phe...

Decree of the genos Salaminioi concerning the resolution of a dispute

RO 37 Date: 363/2 BC
... Heracles, as priestly dues (hiereosuna), 30 drachmas; for pelanos (30) 3 drachmas; each party shall contribute half of these sums. Of ...

Sacrificial calendar from Teithras

SEG 21.542 Date: 400-350 BC
... (5) 1 dr. 2 ob. priestly dues (hiereiosuna). On the twenty-seventh (tetradi phthinontos), 4 dr. for Athena, a - sheep; ...

Decree concerning Eleusinian cults at Phrearrhioi

CGRN 103 Date: ca. 335-250 BC
... (5) priestly dues (hiereosuna), a thigh, a flank, a haunch ... the religious officials and the herald shall have a feast ... ... they s...

Phratry decrees of the Dekeleans

RO 5 Date: 396/5 BC and later
... given to the priest as priestly dues (hiereosuna). (5) From the meion a thigh, a rib, an ear, 3 obols of money; from the koureion ...

Decree of the orgeones [of Bendis] (ca. 330-324/3 BC)

Sokolowski, LSCG 45 Date: ca. 330-324/3 BC
... skin. They shall give the priestly dues for females ((scil.) animals) to the priestess, for males to the priest. No one is to make offerin...

Sacrificial calendar from Eleusis

I Eleusis 175 Date: ca. 330 BC
... for the god; priestly dues (hiereosuna) for the priest (one line erased) (15) for the hierophant and the priestesses from El...

Fragment of a sacrificial regulation

CGRN 61 Date: ca. 350 BC
... ... These priestly dues (hiereiosuna): ... skins, a leg of the ... pieces of meat of each ... (5) of lambs, a leg of each ... on t...

Sacrificial Calendar of Athens (earlier phase)

AIO 1185 Date: 410-404 BC
... [6] Gawlinski restores hιερε[όσυνα], “priestly dues”, but this (same value in 13 as in 15, or higher) would be inconsistent with the apparent tenden...
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