Honours for Herakleitos of Athmonon

IG II3 1 1034 Date: Ca. 250 BC
. . . . . . the sacrifice . . . of the People and the Panathenaic [contests (agōnismata)], and he is both making ready (kataskeuazei) the stadium in a seemly way (endoxōs) and is dedicating to Athena Nike stelai with (5) reminders (hupomnēmata) of the deeds of [[the king]][1] against the barbarians for the preservation of the Greeks;[2] so that the Council and the People may be seen to be maintaining their gratitude to [[their benefactors]],[1] for good fortune, the Council shall decide to praise Herakleitos (10) son of Asklepiades of Athmonon[3] and to crown him with a gold crown for his piety to the gods and the good will and love of honour (philotimias) which he continues to have both for [[king Antigonos and]][1] the Council and the Athenian People; and the . . . (15) shall proclaim [this] crown at the gymnastic competition . . . according to the law; and the administrator (ton epi tēs dioikēseōs) shall take care of the making of the crown; and so that there may be a reminder (hupomnēma) of his love of honour (philotimias), the prytany secretary (20) shall inscribe this decree on a stele; and for the stele the administrator (ton epi tēi dioikēsei) shall allocate the expenditure accrued.