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Decree of the Salaminians honouring Herakleitos of Athmonon

IG II2 1225 Date: Ca. 245 BC
Chairedemos son of Epicharinos of Kolonai proposed: since Herakleitos son of Asklepiades of Athmonon both previously when in the service of king Antigonos continually said and did on behalf of the Salaminian People what he considered to (5) be in their interests, also individually to those Salaminians arriving at the court of the king, sharing in their love of honour (sumphilotimoumenos) by ensuring that they did not go away without achieving whatever was possible, and, now that he has been appointed by the king as general of the Piraeus and of the others (fortifications?) in the Piraeus command, he continues to make every (10) provision (pronoian) so that no harm should be done to the countryside, and with the walls on the island having collapsed he helped ensure that they were rebuilt, and when the war with Alexandros broke out and raiders were sailing out from Epilimnion he made every provision (pronoian) that no damage should be done (15) to the countryside, managing these matters in accordance with the king's preference for the People; and further when a person was kidnapped from the island and was taken away to our opponents (hupenantious) he (Herakleitos) rescued him and punished the culprits, making it clear that he would not tolerate those doing wrong either in the city or the countryside, (20) and he is of service both collectively and individually to any Salaminian who wishes and continues to do other things that are in the interests of the Salaminians both individually and collectively, for good fortune, the Salaminian People shall decide to praise Herakleitos son of Asklepiades of Athmonon . . . . . .