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Decree of the orgeones of Echelos and the heroines

Agora XVI 161 Date: Early iii BC ?
Lysias son of Periandros of Plotheia proposed: for good fortune, the orgeones shall decide, in order that the [common sacrifices?] may be maintained for all time by the association at the property of Kalliphanes and that of the hero (5) Echelos,[1] to inscribe those who owe the association on a stone stele and stand it next to the altar in the sanctuary, both the principal and the interest, as much as each owes; and to inscribe also the old decrees on the stele. And the - shall take care (10) of the inscribing and setting up of the stele, and shall give an account of his expenditures on this to the association. The orgeones decided:[2] the host (hestiatora) shall offer the sacrifice on the seventeenth and eighteenth of the month Hekatombaion. He shall sacrifice on the first day a piglet for the heroines, and for the hero (15) a full-grown animal, and lay out a table, and on the next day a full-grown animal for the hero. He shall give an account of his expenditures and shall not spend more than the income. Let him distribute the meat to the orgeones who are present, and to their [sons] half a portion, and to the wives of the orgeones, (20) [giving] free women an equal portion, and to their daughters half a portion, and to one female acolyte (akolouthōi)[3] half a portion, and let him give the man his wife's portion. . . . The orgeones decided: the host shall . . . of the accrued (25) . . . . . .