Decree for Oiniades of (Palai)skiathos

IG I3 110 Date: 408/7 BC
Decree (Council and People) The Council and the People decided. AntiochisX was the prytany. Eukleides was secretary. Hierokles (5) was chairman. Euktemon was archon (408/7). Dieitrephes proposed: since Oiniades of Palaiskiathos[1] is a good man with regard to the city of Athens and eager to (10) do what good he can, and does good to any Athenian who arrives in Skiathos, to praise him and inscribe him as a proxenos and benefactor of (15) Athens, and his descendants; and there shall take care, so that he suffers no harm, the Council in office at any time and the generals and whoever the officer (archonta) in (20) Skiathos may be on each occasion;[2] and the secretary of the Council shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and set it down on the acropolis; and to invite him also to (25) hospitality in the city hall (prutaneion) (26) tomorrow.
Decree (People) (26) Antichares proposed: in other respects in accordance with the Council, but in the proposal (gnōmēn) a correction shall be made (metagrapsai) for ‘of Skiathos’, so that there shall be (30) written, ‘Oiniades of Palaiskiathos’.[3]