Reaffirmed alliance with Rhegion

IG I3 53 Date: 433/2 BC
Gods.[5] Envoys from Rhegion who made the alliance and the oath:[1] Kleandros son of Xen–, – son of –tinos, Silenos son of Phokos;[2] [ – son of –]. In the archonship of Apseudes (433/2)[3] (5) and the Council for which Kritiades was first secretary (protos egrammateue). The Council and the People decided. AkamantisV was in prytany. Charias was secretary. Timoxenos was chairman. Kallias[4] proposed: that there shall be an alliance between the Athenians and (10) the Rhegians. Let the oath be sworn by the Athenians, so that everything may be faithful and without deceit and straightforward on the part of the Athenians for all time towards the Rhegians, swearing as follows: 'We shall be faithful allies, just, strong and unharmful (15) for all time to the Rhegians, and we shall help if they need anything . . . '