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Honours for Archelaos, king of Macedon, 407/6 BC (?)

AIO 1177 Date: 407/6 BC (?)
. . . [Ar]ch[e]la[os] (?)[1] The Council and the People decided. AkamantisV was the prytany; Phelleus was the secretary; [Antigenes (407/6) was the archon?];[2] Sibyrtios was the chairman; (5) - proposed: for the making of [ships] . . . the generals with Pe[rikles] . . . from the current . . . to [the shipwrights? (naupegois)]; and whatever they lend the [trireme-makers? (trieropoioi) shall pay] back to them; (10) and the [generals shall dispatch those detailed?] to sail in order to [fill the ships] as quickly as possible; and if not, they shall be brought before the court on a charge of -; and the [generals are to bring actions concerning] anyone refusing (15) to depart; and [the Council] shall take care of the bringing of whatever ships [the shipwrights] send from Macedonia,[3] in order that [they may send them as quickly as possible] to Athens and [fill them] and [the army (stratia)] may be brought (20) to [Ionia?] and [keep] the best guard; and if anyone fails to act in accordance with these stipulations, he shall owe - drachmas, sacred to Athena; and to the [first to come] and bring a ship, a [prize (dorean) shall be given] as may be (25) [decided by the People; and since Arche]la[os] both now and in former times is a good man to the Athenians and received those Athenians who sailed out and sent off . . . to the . . . and (30) . . . the camp (stratopedon), and . . . [wood] and oars and other good things, as much as they asked from him, to praise [Archelaos because he] is a good man and keen to do whatever good he can, (35) and in return for his benefactions to the city [and the People of] Athens, to write up [him and his sons] as proxenoi and benefactors on a stone stele on the acropolis, and . . .