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Reaffirmed alliance with Rhegion, 433/2 BC

AIUK 4.2 (BM, Decrees of Council and Assembly) no. 4 Date: 433/2 BC
Gods.[5] Envoys from Rhegion who made the alliance and the oath,[1] Kleandros son of Xen– – son of –tinos, Silenos son of Phokos,[2] [– son of –]. In the archonship of Apseudes (433/2)[3] (5) and under the Council for which Kritiades was first secretary (protos egrammateue). The Council and the People decided. AkamantisV was the prytany. Charias was secretary. Timoxenos was chairman. Kallias[4] proposed: there shall be an alliance between the Athenians and (10) the Rhegians. The Athenians shall swear the oath [in order that everything may be] in good faith and without deceit and [straightforward on the part of the Athenians] for all time towards the Rhegians, [swearing as follows]: “we shall be faithful allies, [just] and strong and unharmful (15) [for all time to the Rhegians, and] we shall oblige them if they [need anything]” . . .